Mario VS. Luigi -- Video

Mario VS. Luigi -- Video.

Mario vs. Luigi is a gamemode on the game New Super Mario Bros. where the aim of the game is to collect as many stars as you can before the timer runs out. You can play as either Mario or Luigi.

How to get StarsEdit

Stars are usually placed at random pre-set locations on the map. There is one star on the map at a time, which resets the damage done by the players. Another way to get stars is by jumping on your opponent, bumping into them, hitting a block under them, or using items.


Use items to help you win. Inside of blocks, you can get Super Mushrooms, or Fire Flowers, depending on what state you are in. You can also get a Blue Shell by defeating the Blue Koopa Troopa in the ice level. Another way of getting items is by collecting eight coins, which makes a random item float above you for a couple seconds, then lands on you. This grants your opponent the ability to steal the item, so try not to be near them when you get eight coins.

Here's a list of items you can collect:

Super Mushroom, turns you into Super Mario or Luigi, and allows you to take an extra hit by an enemy, Blue Shell, Mega Mushroom, or Starman

Fire Flower, turns you into Fire Mario or Luigi, and allows you to throw fireballs, which takes a star away from your opponent.

Mini Mushroom, turns you into Mini Mario or Luigi, and allows you to be floatier. The disadvantage to having the Mini Mushroom is that you can be killed by a ground pound, or Fire Flower, which normally don't kill you, and you can get bumped really easily..

Mega Mushroom, turns you into Mega Mario or Luigi, and allows you to break blocks, pipes, and hurt your opponent just by walking into them. You are invincible, and have a huge hitbox. Sadly, it isn't permanent.

Blue Shell, turns you into Shell Mario or Luigi, and allows you to go into your shell at max speed, bouncing off walls, and can hurt your opponent really easily. You aren't completely invincible when using it however, because if your opponent is really skilled, they can jump on you and take away a star.

Starman, keeps your current form, but turns you invincible for a limited time. While invincible, you can hurt your opponent on contact, and your ground speed is significantly increased. Try to stay on the ground, as your air speed is the same, and jumping slows you down in an epic chase.

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